37_pdfsam_VLSI TEST - 6 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures(PPM chips may be considered to be acceptable while 100 PPM or lower represents high

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6 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures (PPM) chips may be considered to be acceptable, while 100 PPM or lower represents high quality. The goal of six sigma manufacturing, also referred to as zero defects , is 3.4 PPM or less. 1.2.2 Electronic System Manufacturing Process An electronic system generally consists of one or more units comprised of PCBs on which one or more VLSI devices are mounted. The steps required to manufacture an electronic system, illustrated in Figure 1.4, are also susceptible to defects. As a result, testing is required at these various stages to verify that the final product is fault-free. The PCB fabrication process is a photolithographic process similar in some ways to the VLSI fabrication process. The bare PCBs are tested in order to discard defective boards prior to assembly with expensive VLSI components. After assembly, including placement of components and wave soldering, the PCB is tested again; however, this time the PCB test includes testing of the various components,
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