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56 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures CK DQ DI SI 0 1 SE Q/SO (a) CK SE DI SI Q/SO D 1 T 3 (b) D 2 D 3 D 4 D 1 T 4 T 3 T 2 T 1 ± FIGURE 2.9 Edge-triggered muxed-D scan cell design and operation: (a) edge-triggered muxed-D scan cell, and (b) sample waveforms. D Q DI SI 0 1 SE CK SO D Q Q CK ± FIGURE 2.10 Level-sensitive/edge-triggered muxed-D scan cell design. 2.4.2 Clocked-Scan Cell An edge-triggered clocked-scan cell can also be used to replace a D flip-flop in a scan design [McCluskey 1986]. Similar to a muxed-D scan cell, a clocked-scan cell also has a data input
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