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Design for Testability 83 wires used to implement the scan chains. During design implementation, if the physical location of each scan cell instance is not available, a “random” scan order based purely on the module-level and bus-level connectivity of the testable design can be used. However, if a preliminary placement is available, scan cells can be assigned to different scan chains based on the initial floor plan of the design. Only after the final placement process of the physical implementation is performed on this testable design is the physical location of each scan cell instance taken into consideration. During the routing process of the physical implementation, scan reordering can be performed using intra-scan-chain reordering , inter-scan-chain reordering , or a combination of both. Intra-scan-chain reordering , in which scan cells are reordered only within their respective scan chains, does not reorder any scan cells across clock or clock-polarity boundaries. Inter-scan-chain reordering
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