131_pdfsam_VLSI - 100 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures R2.2-Testability Analysis[Agrawal 1982 V D Agrawal and M R Mercer Testability measures

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100 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures R2.2—Testability Analysis [Agrawal 1982] V. D. Agrawal and M. R. Mercer, Testability measures: What do they tell us?, in Proc. Int. Test Conf ., November 1982, pp. 391–396. [Boubezari 1999] S. Boubezari, E. Cerny, B. Kaminska, and B. Nadeau-Dostie, Testability analysis and test-point insertion in RTL VHDL specifications for scan-based BIST, IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Des. , 18(9), 1327–1340, 1999. [Breuer 1978] M. A. Breuer, New concepts in automated testing of digital circuits, in Proc. EEC Symp. on CAD of Digital Electronic Circuits and Systems , 1978, pp. 69–92. [Grason 1979] J. Grason, TMEAS: A testability measurement program, in Proc. Des. Automat. Conf. , June 1979, pp. 156–161. [Goldstein 1979] L. H. Goldstein, Controllability/observability analysis of digital circuits, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. , CAS-26(9), 685–693, 1979. [Goldstein 1980] L. H. Goldstein and E. L. Thigpen, SCOAP: Sadia Controllabil- ity/Observability Analysis Program, in
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