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Logic and Fault Simulation 157 1 1 11 α stuck-at 0 β stuck-at 1 0 0 a b c ± FIGURE 3.40 Example circuit. A B C D G ± FIGURE 3.41 Circuit for Problem 3.9. 3.8 (Parallel Fault Simulation) Repeat Problem 3.7 using parallel fault simulation. 3.9 (Deductive Fault Simulation) Write the fault list propagation rule for the three-input NOR gate given in Figure 3.41. 3.10 (Deductive Fault Simulation) Repeat Problem 3.7 using deductive fault simulation. 3.11 (Concurrent Fault Simulation) Repeat Problem 3.7 using concurrent fault simulation. 3.12 (Critical Path Tracing) For the circuit in Problem 3.7, circle all the critical values for the three test patterns. What faults are detected?
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