244_pdfsam_VLSI - Test Generation 213 can be used in which a fault sample from the complete fault list may be used In doing so fault simulation

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Test Generation 213 can be used, in which a fault sample from the complete fault list may be used. In doing so, fault simulation only has to consider the faults in the sample rather than the entire fault list. Another method to reduce the execution time is to use overlapping populations in the GA. In overlapping populations, some individuals from the parent genera- tion are copied over to the offspring generation. Therefore, only a fraction of the population is replaced in each generation. The success of using GAs to obtain the desired solution depends also on how the GA parameters are chosen. First and foremost, the population size of the GA should be such that adequate diversity is represented. In the context of test generation, certain values on specific primary inputs may be necessary to excite a fault. If no individual in the initial population has this specific combination, then none of the strings in the population would have been able to excite the fault. As the number of bit combinations increases exponentially with the vector length, the population size
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