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Test Generation 219 1001 0101 1011 0111 011 000 110 101 1 1 0 0 1 1001 0101 1011 0111 101 110 000 010 1 1 0 0 0 FIGURE 4.41 A distinguishing sequence that distinguishes states 11010 and 11000. afford to generate a distinguishing sequence for each possible state pair. Rather, the search may simply be on finding those distinguishing sequences that are applicable for distinguishing many pairs of states. Using the above five-flip-flop circuit example again, if a distinguishing sequence exists that can distinguish all pairs of states that differ in ff 4 , this sequence would be a powerful distinguishing sequence for many pairs of states. Although this type of distinguishing sequence can be computed prior to the start of test generation, such sequences may not exist for every flip-flop in the circuit. Thus, less powerful distinguishing sequences are also captured during test generation dynamically. However, less powerful sequences may only be applicable when the circuit is in a specific state. In both DIGATE and STRATEGATE, distinguishing sequences are generated both
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