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Unformatted text preview: Test Generation 221 i + 1 j or sequence k + 1 l would suffice to drive the circuit to the target ending state. However, if the target state has not been visited before, STRATEGATE tries to genetically engineer a sequence that can reach it. Note that a sequence that correctly justifies one portion of the desired state may simultaneously set a different value on the other portions, resulting in conflicts. Nevertheless, the justification sequences for each partial state may be viewed as a set of partial solutions for finding the justification sequence for the complete target state. In other words, the important information about justifying specific portions of a state is intrinsically embedded in each partial solution, and this information may be extremely helpful to the GA in deriving the complete solution. Based on the above discussion, during the state justification phase for a new state, STRATEGATE first gathers the set of ending states that closely match ( i.e. , are similar to) the target state from the visited state table. Then, the sequencesare similar to) the target state from the visited state table....
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