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222 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures to ease the burden of state justification. The relaxed state is ensured by the engine such that the target fault is still excited and propagated. Even though STRATEGATE may not justify every required state, the embedded dynamic state traversal for state justification allows it to close the 30% gap in fault coverage difference among those circuits where previous GA-based approaches failed. For other circuits, STRATEGATE has been able to achieve extremely high fault coverages compared to other simulation-based and deterministic test genera- tors. The STRATEGATE test sets are often more compact than those obtained by deterministic test generators, even when higher fault coverages are achieved. The test sets are more compact than those obtained by CRIS or DIGATE for most cir- cuits. Finally, simulation-based test generation can be applied to design validation rather than manufacturing test, such as the work reported in [Hsiao 2001], [Sheng 2002], and [Wu 2004]. 4.8.2
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