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224 VLSI Test Principles and Architectures if different weights are imposed on different state partitions, it may be possible to differentiate them. A partition has a greater weight if it is deemed to have greater influence on the circuit. Suppose the weight assigned to S 1 is greater than S 2 , then (3, 1) will be favored. Based on the above discussion, a new test generator was proposed in [Sheng 2002b] that uses logic simulation as the core engine in the test generation process, in addition to state partitioning. Ideally, a clear distinction between control path flip-flops and the datapath flip-flops is desired. However, this may be difficult if the higher levels of the circuit description are unavailable. Without complete knowledge of controller and datapath, the partitioning is done in a different manner. One possibility is to partition all the circuit’s flip-flops based on the controllability values of the flip-flops. Flip-flops with similar ranges of controllability values are grouped
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