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Unformatted text preview: Test Generation 243 detect f s- a- 1 . If V j V k also detects the transition fault f slow-to-fall , the vector V j must set line f to 1, which is a contradiction. A Eulerian trail in a graph is a path such that each edge in the graph is traversed exactly once. Using this concept, a Eulerian trail in the transition-pattern graph traverses all the (non-zero weight) edges in the graph exactly once. It is tempting to conclude such a Euler trail in the weighted transition is the best transition test chain. However, the Eulerian trail assumes that the edge weights in the graph are static. This may not be true in the case of selecting test patterns, in which some transition faults may be detectable by different patterns. For example, if edge V i V j is traversed ( i.e. , test V i V j is selected), then a number of transition faults would have been detected by this test pattern. This also means that the weights on other edges should be modified because some other test patterns may have detected similar faults as well. Some of the edge weights may even becomehave detected similar faults as well....
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