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Test Generation 247 4.11.2 N -Detect ATPG In order to enhance the quality of a test set, one may wish to derive different test sets targeting different fault models as an attempt to capture potential defects that could arise. However, this requires multiple ATPG engines, each targeting a different fault model. While this may be theoretically possible, it may not be possible in practice. Instead, to increase the coverage of all possible defects, one may generate a test set that achieves multiple detections of every fault under a given fault model. A fault is detected multiple times if it is detected with different vectors. By exciting the fault and propagating the fault effect different ways, it is hoped that any defect locally close to the target fault will have an increased change of being detected [Franco 1995] [Chang 1998] [Dworak 2000]. For instance, detection of stuck-at fault a/ 0 with b = 1 will not have detected the AND-bridge fault between a and b . However, a different test that detects
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