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Test Generation 259 R4.7—Designing a Simulation-Based ATPG [Agrawal 1989] V. D. Agrawal, K. T. Cheng, and P. Agrawal, A directed search method for test generation using a concurrent simulator, IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Des. , 8(2), 131–138, 1989. [Breuer 1971] M. A. Breuer, A random and an algorithmic technique for fault detection test generation for sequential circuits, IEEE Trans. Comput. , 20(11), 1364–1370, 1971. [Holland 1975] J. H. Holland, Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems , University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 1975. [Lisanke 1987] R. Lisanke, F. Brglez, A. J. Degeus, and D. Gregory, Testability-driven random test-pattern generation, IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Des. , 6(6), 1082–1087, 1987. [Niermann 1992] T. M. Niermann, W.-T. Cheng, and J. H. Patel, PROOFS: A Fast , Memory- Efficient Sequential Circuit Fault Simulator, IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Des. , 11(2), 198–207, February 1992. [Pomeranz 1997] I. Pomeranz and S. M. Reddy, On improving genetic optimization based
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