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CHAPTER 5 L OGIC B UILT -I N S ELF -T EST Laung-Terng (L.-T.) Wang SynTest Technologies, Inc., Sunnyvale, California ABOUT THIS CHAPTER Logic built-in self-test (BIST) is a design for testability (DFT) technique in which a portion of a circuit on a chip, board, or system is used to test the digital logic circuit itself. Logic BIST is crucial for many applications, in particular for life- critical and mission-critical applications. These applications commonly found in the aerospace/defense, automotive, banking, computer, healthcare, networking, and telecommunications industries require on-chip, on-board, or in-system self-test to improve the reliability of the entire system, as well as the ability to perform remote diagnosis. This chapter first introduces the basic concepts and design rules of logic BIST. Next, we focus on a number of test pattern generation and output response anal- ysis techniques suitable for BIST implementations. Test pattern generation tech-
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  • Spring '08
  • elbarki
  • Logic gate, Electronic design automation, Automatic test pattern generation, Built-in Self-Test, BIST, logic bist

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