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I feel that there are a number of very apparent differences between the newer forms of rehabilitation programs as compared to those of the past. Historically; these programs enforced the need for inmates to obtain their GED so they would be able to find employment upon release. Presently, simply having a GED is not enough and a good number of employers will not hire individuals who have criminal records. Knowing this; rehabilitation programs which currently exist, are providing various forms of higher education and job training that is specifically targeted to the current job market. Employers look at this specialized training in a more positive way and are more apt to hire individuals with a criminal background. Additionally, the majority of correctional facilities have specialized programs to assist inmates with psychological and emotional problems as well as assistance with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By curing addictions which may have been the inmate’s initial cause of
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Unformatted text preview: imprisonment, and providing them with the necessary social skills to function in society, it is very likely that the recidivism rate will remain low. As with any challenging task, particular individuals will do their very best to succeed; this is also true for inmates who are participating in rehabilitation programs. Those who truly want to turn their lives around will greatly benefit from these programs while others will simply refuse this assistance and revert back to criminal behaviors. With the recent advancements and improvements to rehabilitation programs, inmates are now offered the chance of a brighter future upon release; whereas programs of the past were lacking in many areas. Current rehabilitation programs treat the inmates as individuals by focusing on specific problems and not assuming that one type of treatment will work for the entire population which is extremely important to the dynamics of rehabilitation programs....
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