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lec23 - 36-225 Handout for Lecture 23 1 Suppose scores on...

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36-225 – Handout for Lecture # 23 October 18, 2010 1. Suppose scores on the verbal or math portion of the SAT from a partic- ular year are approximately normally distributed with mean μ = 500 and standard deviation σ = 100. What is the proportion of students who scored above 650 that year (or: what is the probability that a randomly chosen student from those taking the exam that year scored above 650?) 2. A life insurance company is interested in the number of claims that it will receive on a particular block of life insurance policies in the coming year. All the policies in the block are written on lives of people who are currently age 79. There are presently 1000 active policies in the block. (None of the policies in the block are written on more than one life, and
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