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Manage knowledge and learning Current situation McKinsey in 1996 is one of the biggest consulting companies in the world and is famous for his knowledge. Within the company the revenue had more than doubled within the past 6 years and the focus was on knowledge development next to serving its customers. In 1994 there were 4 new plans made to stimulate these 2 objectives further. These were set by its current management director Rajat Gupta. The 4 key points are: Capitalize firm’s long term investment in practice development driven by Clientele Industry Sectors, Functional Capability Groups, and the knowledge infrastructure of PDNet and FPIS and through new channels. Use the new developed approach of the Practice Olympics throughout the entire firm, which is focused on the development of ideas within the company and those ideas are judged by the board of directors so there will be an internal competition focused on knowledge. The launch of 6 special multi year internal assignments which were focused on tapping into the internal and external expertise to develop “state of the art” formulations of key issues. This was done so the firm’s functional knowledge was improved so McKinsey could focus more on longer term, bigger commitment and cross-functional development. The last idea was aimed at expanding the model of the McKinsey Global Institute. This meant that they would try to create other pools of dedicated resources protected from daily pressures and client demands next to being focused on long term research agendas. Gupta knew that it could be possible that McKinsey would loose client work today but if it was in the best interest of the company for the future he said that they would be willing to. So he also could leave the firm stronger than he found it, which had been a key element for the leaders of McKinsey over the past decades. Lisa Trubia, Daniel Sanders, Rutger van Wesel, Martijn Telderman Fred van Veldhoven, Aishlinn van Nikkelen Kuijper 2
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Manage knowledge and learning Key Issues McKinsey is not alone in the market for consulting. It has strong competition from for example the Boston Consultancy Group. But there are also others. In order to keep up with its competition McKinsey has practiced various strategies and ideas. An important idea from McKinsey is the one firm policy, which consists of the recruiting of employees on a world wide base, the clients to be treated as McKinsey responsibilities and profit sharing from a firm pool as opposed to an office pool. Nowadays some feared that the company was getting away from this policy. Another key element from McKinsey is the fact that they are not only there to serve the customer. They are more focused on creating knowledge (within its company and in its employees) and also on the benefits for the company as a whole. The employees from McKinsey are also very important. Not only the employees itself but also the idea driven personal networks they build up throughout the company. These are
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McKinsey - McKinsey Company Current situation Manage...

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