Final Project - End Yes End Quit program Yes Yes Yes Yes...

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Currency conversion Return to menu User input Display in U.S. currency End program Foreign currency amount Yes No Conversion of currency Conversion results in U.S. currency End End Quit ? Yes Quit Verified ? Yes Input currency type “Is currency type correct?” No Conversion Verified ? No Yes No “Are you sure you wish to exit program” Divide total currency by the rate to find U.S. dollar total Invalid input. Try again Invalid input. Try again Input the total of foreign currency Mexican Rate = 6.2561 francs = 1 U.S. dollar Rate = 104.9200 yen = 1 U.S. dollar French Japanese Rate = 1 pound = 1.6433 U.S. dollars Rate = 9.5085 pesos = 1 U.S. dollar Rate = 1.4680 Canadian dollars = 1 U.S. dollar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rate = 0 . 0 US Value = Rate*Int_Value End “Other countries unavailable” French Francs = US Dollars Japanese English Mexican Canadian Mexican Pesos = US Dollars English Pound =US Dollars Japanese Yen = US Dollars Final Project: Currency Converter Chad McKenrick 5/14/2001 University of Phoenix
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1. Allow user to select one of five international currency types 2. Input the amount of foreign currency 3. Convert foreign currency to U.S. dollars 4. Display the converted dollar amount 5. Return user to the menu so they can enter another conversion amount or quit the program.
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Final Project - End Yes End Quit program Yes Yes Yes Yes...

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