Interfaces and Communication Messages

Interfaces and Communication Messages - Timer displays end...

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Interfaces and Communication Messages Top level objects Communicates Incoming Outgoing With messages Microwave Display Keypad Door button Light Turntable Door button opens door Door opens light comes on Display buttons set timer Display sets presets on timer Door closes to let microwave start. Display goes to zero micro wave stops manual timer inputs cancel button to stop timer Start button to start cook timer Single push preset buttons like popcorn, beverage, and potato. Push defrost preset display for timer cook to start timer Start button to start manual timer sets. Microwave bell sound when timer hits 0 Defrost button with preset buttons 1 threw 9 to adjust defrost timer.
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Unformatted text preview: Timer displays end cook Clock displays time after cook is over The GUIs messages in this example are the end cook messages, the preset times you can see and the keypad, and the door because you open and close it. A componentized system can be beneficial because if something breaks it is sometimes easier to replace 1 part compared to the whole unit though in a microwave it is probably more cost effective to replace the whole thing. Though in something like my playstation 3 the blue ray lens like to go out on them and it is easier to replace the eye for 20 bucks than replace the whole system at 300 dollars....
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Interfaces and Communication Messages - Timer displays end...

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