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Axia College Material Appendix K Currency Conversion Peer Review Design Inspection Report Programmers Name: ? Date of Inspection 4/26/2011 Inspectors Name: Chad McKenrick Use the following criteria to evaluate the Currency Conversion Test Procedure. If the answer to the item question is yes, put an X next to that item under the Yes column. If the answer is no, please add details next to that item under the respective Comments column. Yes Item Comments 1. Is the problem description clear, concise, and accurate? This is not clear concise or accurate. It has no set variables for each type of currency to be input, not all currencies are entered. 2. Are the inputs to the program identified? 2 inputs were mentioned but 3 are missing and there is no clear pathway or pattern entered 3. Are the outputs to the program identified? There is no outputs other than a display franc and again no mention of the other types of currency 4. Does the test input result in the expected
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Unformatted text preview: output? It does not speaks of nations not the currency type of each type or the conversion totals to do a correct analysis List of Defects: Identify defects by checklist number and observed error, but do not include any corrective action. First I am glad Im no teacher i hate judging others work. Though this currency conversion structure has no real structure such as no main input for the user, does not list the types of currency, does not have the currency conversion of foreign currency to U.S currency. There is no display message with a clear consistent way to input the types of currency with the amounts and without the conversion variables the program has no way of knowing how to convert it. The output has just an end then speak of loop nations not currency and has no way for the user to verify a continue or an end. IT 210...
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