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chapter 5_producing data project

chapter 5_producing data project - 2 Develop and summarize...

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Chapter 5 – Producing data: Samples, Experiments and Simulation Your grade will be based on your project and presentation.  Chapter 5 does not have homework or a  chapter test. Group Presentation (Max of 3 students per group) Class discussion October 22 nd  and 25 th Research Date: 10/26/10 library Presentation Date: October 27 th  and 28 th Time for group presentation About: 7 minutes Guidelines: Designing a Statistical Study: Write a research question that you will investigate related to Chapter 5.  State the purpose of your  research.  Who is your target audience? 1) Identify the variable(s) of interest and the population of the study.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Develop and summarize a plan for collecting data. If you use a sample, make sure the sample is representative of the population. 3) Collect the data and make it part of your presentation. 4) Describe the data using descriptive statistics techniques. 5) Interpret the data and make decisions about the population using inferential statistics. 6) Identify any possible errors. 7) Make s conclusion using statistical terminology. 8) Turn all work after presentation for grade....
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