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Geology Notes: Chapter Three (52-71) Claire Saltzman Plate Tectonics 3.2 Where Do We Find Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Mountain Belts? Earthquakes -Coastlines: In South America and North America, earthquakes are common along the western coasts, but not along the eastern coasts. -Earthquakes are not common in the interiors of some continents such as North America, eastern South America, western Africa and the northern parts of Asia and Europe. -Earthquakes are common along the curving oceanic trenches and the associated island arcs. Volcanoes -Volcanoes, like earthquakes, are not distributed everywhere, but commonly occur in belts. -There are clusters of volcanoes in the oceans such as near Iceland. -Volcanoes occur along the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. -Many volcanic mountains -Some volcanoes are in the middle of continents. 3.3 What Do Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Tell US about Earth’s Lithosphere? -Active tectonics/ tectonic activity is where earthquakes and volcanoes are. -The boundary between two plates has earthquakes and other tectonic activity because the plates are moving relative to one another. For this reason, relative motion of plates across a plate boundary- Two motion, three types of plate boundaries are defined.
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Divergent: Two plates move apart relative to one another Convergent: At a convergent boundary, two plates move toward one another. Transform: Two plates move horizontally past one another, as shown by the yellow arrows on the top surface. -Convergent is most common , then Divergent, then Transform.
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glg111-3 - Geology Notes: Chapter Three (52-71) Plate...

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