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Glg111-earth minerals

Glg111-earth minerals - Earth Minerals Peninsular Ranges...

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Earth Minerals Peninsular Ranges: broad, uplifted region that crosses southernmost California and the northern Baja area of Mexico. What is the Difference Between a Rock and a Mineral? SOLID: all minearls are solid, not liquid or gaseous. Ice is a solid and a mineral, but liquid water is not. Ice and water have the same chemistry though. NATURAL: A mineral must be natural. INORGANIC: A mineral generally is inorganic (grows without influence from plants or animals). ORDERED INTERNAL STRUCTURE: a mineral has an internal structure that is ordered, which means that the atoms are arranged in a regular framework. The mineral is very ordered (glass is not a mineral). SPECIFIC CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: a mineral has a fairly consistent chemical composition. Most minerals consist of at least two different chemical elements, such as sodium and chlorine in the mineral halite (salt). How Are Minerals Put Together in Rocks? Crystalline: includes several types of minerals, coarse crystals, well shape crystals, may or may not have distinct layers. Clastic: Includes different types of minerals, various sizes of pebbles, has clasts (angular gray fragments), distinct layers which are defined by variations in the size of clasts. How Do We Distinguish One Mineral From Another? Crystal Form o Cubic o Prismatic o Hexagonal Cleavage o Cleavage
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o No Cleavage Color Luster o Earthy o Nonmetallic o Metallic Microscopic Observations Hardness: a mineral can be scratched by a material that is harder than the mineral but not by one that is softer. Streak: if a mineral is rubbed against an unglazed porcelain plate, called a streak plate, it may leave a trail of broken and pulerized material called streak.
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Glg111-earth minerals - Earth Minerals Peninsular Ranges...

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