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glg111-test2 studyguide - with water Hot gases Lava Flow...

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MASTER STUDYGUIDE: Memorize This… Lava Types, Their Properties and Elements that Coincide LAVA TYPES MAFIC INTERMEDIATE FELSIC Properties Eruption Temperature 1000-1200 C Intermediate 80-1000 C Silica Content Low (50%) Intermediate High (70%) Gas Content Low, up o a few % Variable High (up to 15%) Viscosity Low-fluid magma Intermediate High-very viscous Typical flow velocity .7 to 30m/minute 9m/day Less than 9m/day Typical flow length 10-160 km 8km Less than 1.5 km Typical flow thickness 5-15 m 30 m 200 m Eruption Styles Typically not very explosive Explosive Typically very explosive Deposits Flood basalts Pahoehoe and aa flows Pillow Lava Cinder Lava flow Dome Pyroclastic flow Dome Pyroclastic flow Landforms Shield Volcano Cinder Cone Small caldera/crater Composite volcano Summit crater Caldera Cinder cone Composite Volcano Large Caldera Summit Crater Association with plate tectonics Divergent plate boundaries Hot spots Convergent boundaries Convergent boundaries
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Hazards Lava Flow Explosive in contact
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Unformatted text preview: with water Hot gases Lava Flow Pyroclastic/ash flow Explosive blast Hot gases Mudflow Explosive blast Hot gases Pyroclastic/ash Mudflows (lahars) Composition Ca, Fe, Mg Intermediate Si, Na, K Type of mineral Diorite (c) and Basalt (f) Gabbro (c) and Andsite (f) Granite (c) and Rhyolite (f) How to Name a Rock Igneous Rocks Formation Magma/Lava or Pyroclastic Material Igneous Rocks Texture (First Name) Minerology (Last Name) Formation Intrusive texture s Extrusive Textures Mafic (Dark in Color) Felsic (Light in color) Intermediate (grey) Ultramafic ( black and green) Magma/lav a Pyroclastic material Pegmati te (slow cooling with water) Coarse (slow cooling) Vesicula r (Holes) Glassy (obsidia n) Fragmental (big chunks) Silicates (based on arrangement) Silicate ISOLATED SINGLE DOUBLE SHEET FRAMEWO Group CHAIN CHAIN RK MINERAL OLIVINE PYROXEN E AMPHIOBL E MICA FELDSPAR...
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glg111-test2 studyguide - with water Hot gases Lava Flow...

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