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FlowPanel - affects their position-public FlowPanel...

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//******************************************************************** // FlowPanel.java Authors: Lewis/Loftus // // Represents the panel in the LayoutDemo program that demonstrates // the flow layout manager. //******************************************************************** / import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; i public class FlowPanel extends JPanel { //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Sets up this panel with some buttons to show how flow layout
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Unformatted text preview: // affects their position. //-----------------------------------------------------------------public FlowPanel () { setLayout (new FlowLayout()); setBackground (Color.green); JButton b1 = new JButton ("BUTTON 1"); JButton b2 = new JButton ("BUTTON 2"); JButton b3 = new JButton ("BUTTON 3"); JButton b4 = new JButton ("BUTTON 4"); JButton b5 = new JButton ("BUTTON 5"); add (b1); add (b2); add (b3); add (b4); add (b5); } }...
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