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LLBankDriver - public static void main(String args...

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//******************************************************************** // LLBankDriver.java Author: Lewis and Loftus // // Solution to Programming Project 6.7 //******************************************************************** / public class LLBankDriver { //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Exercises the methods of an LLBank object. //-----------------------------------------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: public static void main (String args) { System.out.println ("Welcome to the L & L Bank.\n"); LLBank bank = new LLBank(); bank.create(); bank.deposit(); bank.create(); bank.deposit(); bank.create(); bank.deposit(); bank.withdraw(); System.out.println ("Current Status:"); System.out.println (bank); bank.withdraw(); bank.interest(); System.out.println ("Final Status:"); System.out.println (bank); } }...
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