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//****************************************************************************** // Author: Lewis/Loftus // // Represents an address book entry used to store names and addresses. //****************************************************************************** / import java.text.*; i public class NameAndAddress { private String firstName = ""; private String lastName = ""; private String address = ""; private String city = ""; private String state = ""; private int zipCode; private long phoneNum; private static DecimalFormat form = new DecimalFormat("00000"); //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Sets up the adress book entry by entering the first and last // name and the zip code //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- public NameAndAddress (String fName, String lName, String addr, String cit, String st, int zCode, long pNum) { firstName = fName; lastName = lName; address = addr; city = cit;
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NameAndAddress - Author Lewis/Loftus...

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