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//******************************************************************** // CellPhone.java Author: Lewis/Loftus // // Represents a generic cellular phone. //******************************************************************** / public class CellPhone extends PortableElectronics { protected String phoneNumber; protected boolean hasCamera; p //---------------------------------------------------------------- // Sets up a cell phone with the specified information. //---------------------------------------------------------------- public CellPhone (String eManufacturer, double ePrice, double eWeight, String number, boolean camera) { super (eManufacturer, ePrice, eWeight); s phoneNumber = number; hasCamera = camera; } //---------------------------------------------------------------- // Returns information about this walkman's battery type as a // string. //---------------------------------------------------------------- public String batteryType() { return "Lithium-Ion";
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Unformatted text preview: } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Returns the camera's phone number as a string. //----------------------------------------------------------------public String number() { return phoneNumber; } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Returns true if the phone has a camera and false otherwise. //----------------------------------------------------------------public boolean takesPictures() { return hasCamera; } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Returns information about this cell phone as a string. //----------------------------------------------------------------public String toString() { String result = super.toString(); S result += "\nNumber: " + phoneNumber + "\n"; result += "Has Camera: " + hasCamera + "\n"; result += "Battery Type: " + batteryType(); r return result; } }...
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CellPhone - }

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