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//******************************************************************** // Author: Lewis/Loftus // // Represents the schedule of a particular student. //******************************************************************** / public class Schedule { private Course[] courseList; //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Sets up the list of courses. //----------------------------------------------------------------- public Schedule() { courseList = new Course[5]; c courseList[0] = new MajorCourse ("Intro to Computer Science", "CSC101", "An introduction to the basics of good " + "program design.", "Computer Science", "Computer Science", "none"); " courseList[1] = new MajorCourse ("Discreet Mathematics", "CSC215", "Instruction on the mathematical modeling " + "of real-world problems using discreet math concepts.", "Computer Science", "Computer Science", "CSC101"); " courseList[2] = new GeneralEducation ("Basic Art", "ART101", "Instruction on basic concepts in art. Lecture and studio " +
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Unformatted text preview: "time required.", "Art", "Fine Arts"); " courseList[3] = new GeneralEducation ("Spanish for Beginners 1", "SPA101", "Introduction to the Spanish language. Course " + "focus on concepts of the language and speaking exercises.", "Modern Languages", "Language"); " courseList[4] = new Elective ("Golf", "REC210", "Introduction " + "to the game of golf, including rules of play and basic " + "techniques. Course consists of instructional class time " + "as well as weekly rounds of play.", "Physical Education"); } //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Prints out a detailed schedule of all classes. //-----------------------------------------------------------------public void display() { for (int count=0; count < courseList.length; count++) { System.out.println (courseList[count]); System.out.println ("-----------------------------------"); } } }...
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