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//******************************************************************* // Author: Lewis/Loftus // // // // A queue class used to represent the customer line at a bank //******************************************************************* import java.util.LinkedList; public class Line { LinkedList queue; //---------------------------------------------------------------- // Creates a new line based on a queue //---------------------------------------------------------------- public Line() { queue = new LinkedList(); } //---------------------------------------------------------------- // Removes a customer from the head of the queue //---------------------------------------------------------------- public Customer nextCustomer()
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Unformatted text preview: { return (Customer)queue.removeFirst(); } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Adds a customer to the tail of the queue //----------------------------------------------------------------public void addCustomer(Customer person) { queue.addLast(person); } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Indicates whether the queue is empty //----------------------------------------------------------------public boolean isEmpty() { return queue.isEmpty(); } //----------------------------------------------------------------// Returns the number of customers in the queue //----------------------------------------------------------------public int size() { return queue.size(); } }...
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