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//******************************************************************* // Author: Lewis/Loftus // // Solution to Programming Project 12.2 // // Driver to exercise the MagazineList collection. //******************************************************************* / public class MagazineRack { //---------------------------------------------------------------- // Creates a MagazineList object, inserts and deletess several magazines to the // list, then prints it. //---------------------------------------------------------------- public static void main (String[] args)
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Unformatted text preview: { MagazineList rack = new MagazineList(); rack.insert (new Magazine("Time")); rack.insert (new Magazine("Woodworking Today")); rack.insert (new Magazine("Communications of the ACM")); rack.insert (new Magazine("House and Garden")); rack.insert (new Magazine("GQ")); rack.delete (new Magazine("House and Garden")); rack.delete (new Magazine("Communications of the ACM")); rack.insert (new Magazine("Woodworking Today")); rack.insert (new Magazine("Fine Cooking")); rack.delete (new Magazine("Not in list")); System.out.println (rack); } }...
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