Development and globalization

Development and globalization - Leea Felton Development...

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Leea Felton Midterm Question 1 In the Story of Stuff author Annie Leonard sheds a new light on the world as we know it. She tells a fearful story of how the “stuff” we [Americans] consume, live a life of their own; a life that actually effects the entire globe, from the CEO’s of fortune five hundred companies, right down to the women in children in impoverished nations like Somalia. By reading Leonard’s piece it’s clear for anyone to see that she is indeed correct, the globe is entirely interconnected, and dependent on consumerism. However, there are instances where one can wonder if Leonard has exaggerated certain aspects of her argument making it appear more detrimental. In Any case the Story of Stuff is an excellent book on the connections between countries and economies worldwide. One of the issues Leonard tackles is what “growth” means. She states early in her argument that “Economic growth generally refers to an increase in economic activity across the board…Simply put, this means more. More stuff. More money (Leonard, 20).” Leonard brings up a valid point especially in relation to current events, where our nations entire economy is based on consuming. In an economic report written by the Associated Press Joel Naroff , chief economist at Naroff Economic Advisors claimed "Consumers are spending moderately, saving moderately and making money moderately, which all point to moderate economic growth.” What this shows is that consumer spending and saving has a direct correlation to the “growth” of our economy. Because of this increase of consuming and growing, the world is caused to produce more…for less.
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Development and globalization - Leea Felton Development...

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