iliad - Leea Felton Mosaics II March 16th 2011 The Homeric...

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Mosaics II March 16 th 2011 The Homeric Community A central theme in today’s society is power, as well as the way in which individuals attain power. Along with this theme, there is an underlying motif of character traits that a powerful person or “hero” must have in order to be respected by his or her community. This structure is vividly demonstrated in several epic poems, such as the Iliad by Homer. This text uses the power of gods, to facilitate the success of humans, helping them transform from “over reaching, selfish, and angry demigods” to “moral understanding human beings.” A specific illustration of this can be seen through the use of divine intervention of, Athena, Thetis, and, Zeus on Achilles, to aid his transformation to a humble warrior of the Homeric code. From the very begging of the poem, Achilles is described as being a great warrior; however he shows signs of a selfish and spiteful man. For example, Book 1 tells of Achilles and Agamemnon, discussing whether or not to return their war prizes, Chryseis and Briseis. Agamemnon decides to return Chryseis, in order to help end the plague placed on the Greek Camp. Although, he is a great warrior, Achilles, responds selfishly, by refusing to return Briseis to her father. In line 162 Achilles says to Agamemnon I don’t have any quarrel with the Trojans, They didn’t do anything to me to make me Come over here and fight, didn’t run off with my cattle or horses Or ruin my farmland back home in Phthia…It is for you , dogface, for your precious pleasure-And Menelaus’
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iliad - Leea Felton Mosaics II March 16th 2011 The Homeric...

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