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Felton 1 Leea Felton English 802 October 6, 2009 The Blackberry Race You’ve seen it on the hip of some of the most powerful and influential people; in the hands and pockets of rushing Wall Street workers, and the handbags of strolling Rodeo Drive shoppers. High tech, sleek, and completely internet accessible, the Black Berry is the new representation of the typical “business” man or woman, always on the go…or is it? In today’s society where any and everyone has access to this “business phone,” is it possible that the phone created the identity, of most of its consumers? Yes. The blackberry is more than a phone, it embodies the personality, style, and characteristics of the typical “business person” giving a false identity to many that own it. Whether you’re a middle class teen or upper class middle aged professional, both are “business people” in today’s society, with nothing more than a cellular phone, for the low price off $199.00. Blackberry creators use advertisement and “packaging” to sell the business type phone to consumers. The buyers they consider however are not “business workers” per say. RIM (the creators of Blackberry) have never stated that the Blackberry was actually intended for only business workers, or for people who are on the go. The phone however, has business like features including, fast web browsing, GPS and Bing applications. In some ways the Blackberry is similar to iconic Barbie; Emily Prager writes when comparing earlier child dolls to Barbie “they were created in the image of little girls or babies”… but what image was the Blackberry created in? (614) there was no phone for the Blackberry to be modeled after, nor were there other networks claiming to deliver the same things- this is because the Blackberry was modeled after qualities. Qualities that buyers would appreitiate, and want in the devices they carry everywhere. because of this, any person, of any age, can see themselves carrying a Blackberry,
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Felton 2 being a “business person” on the go with their new “business phone.” teenagers are prime examples of
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english2 - Felton 1 Leea Felton English 802 October 6, 2009...

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