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Leea Felton STRC 1111 Informative Speech Term Topic : Should Religious Material be allowed in Government Funded Institutions? Can you imagine being on trial and swearing on a bible? What about seeing a tribute to the Ten Commandments, hang in the court room where you will be judged “unbiased?” Can you imagine placing your right hand over your heart, and pledging to a nation under god? Many of us in this room don’t imagine these events; we live and breathe them every day. But ask yourself… can you imagine doing these acts, and not believing in god? The questions above all boil down to one simple question, “should religious material be banned in government funded institutions?” In fact this question is much deeper, as it questions the validity, and merit of laws on which this nation was founded. As many of you already know, the United States is one of the few nations where several religions co-exist peacefully, and this debate is very important to our society as it affects the very freedoms that this nation is built on. As a communications major and an individual who strongly believes in respecting the rights of others I went into this topic with several views and some misconceptions, some of which I hope to share and clear up for you today. In addition to clearing up any misconceptions, I plan on also, giving examples of modern day violations of Separation of church and state, and then taking a walk through of both side of the issue, hoping that in turn you will be able to choose a side for yourselves. Before any of you can begin to choose sides, it is crucial that you understand what is and IS’NT in the constitution, as well as the meanings of the amendments that are. The most important of all the misconceptions is the infamous phrase “separation of church and state.”
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Although many people refer to this phrase majority don’t know the actual meaning or context in which it was written. According to the United States Constitution, the phrase “separation of church and state” never appears in the first Amendment. In fact Dr. Patton from Bellevue University of Nebraska dedicated an entire website to explaining the phrase that was coined by Thomas Jefferson in his letter addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association. On this website
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Informative speech outline - Leea Felton STRC 1111...

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