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Kinship and Family - common ancestor 13. 14. Phratries -...

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1. Kinship and Family Kinship - the complex system of culturally-defined social relationships that are based on marriage or other long-term sexual unions (the principle of affinity), and that are based on birth (the principle of consanguinity) 2. 3. Descent - a cultural rule that ties together people on the basis of reputed common ancestry 4. 5. Three main rules of descent: 6. 1.) Patrilineal - a rule of descent that links relatives through males only 7. 2.) Matrilineal - 8. 9. 10. Lineage - a lineage is a localized group that is based on unilineal descent and that usually holds some corporate powers. 11. 12. Clans - Clans are composed of lineages. Clan members believe they are all descended from a
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Unformatted text preview: common ancestor 13. 14. Phratries - some societies link several clans together into larger groups. These larger groups, composed of several clans, are called phratries. 15. 16. 17. Marriage and long-term sexual unions 18. Exogamous - outside a particular group 19. Endogamous - inside a particular group 20. Monogamous - a sexual union involving only two individuals 21. Polygamous - a sexual union involving at least three individuals 22. 23. Polygyny - at least two females and one male 24. Polyandry - at least two males and one female 25. 26. o...
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