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Self and personhood

Self and personhood - Self and personhood Terms 1 Agency...

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Self and personhood Terms: 1. Agency - refers to individuals' abilities to reflect systematically and critically on taken-for- granted cultural practices, to imagine alternatives, and to take independent action to pursue goals of their own choosing 2. Subjectivity - interior experiences of persons that are shaped by their locations in particular fields of power relations Rai - 1. Niwa - means individuality and personality 2. This niwa concept is highly meaningful to the Rai. It doesn't refer to personality types. 3. The Rai refuse to socially accept the categorization of personality TYPES. 4. The Rai would dawn expressionless faces in public, hiding their niwa. They didn't publically express love, anger, and other emotions outside of the domestic veil. Native Hawaiians: 5. Good personality traits: o very willing to provide hospitality o Being generous 6. Bad personality traits: o Being selfish o Jealousy 7. There almost always are two divisions in society 8. In most societies, it is difficult to separate 9.
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