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Sports - signifies the fall which communicates...

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Sports 1. Stick ball - played by some American Indian tribes 2. The Olympics are the largest gathering of people on the planet 3. Games and sports are both models of society and models for society 4. Sports help socialize people 5. Sports has been approached by anthropologists as a vehicle in which young people are integrated into a society 6. There's a globalization of Karate (Lambert brought her daughter in - probably on the exam; she's pretty much the Ralph Macchio, or Daniel-Son, of the modern day karate) 7. Karate is an umbrella term 8. White (color of karate uniforms) is meant to put the student in the white frame of mind. 9. The colored belts are external representations of a students _______ 10. What karate belts signify: The white belt signifies innocence, yellow signifies earth, orange
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Unformatted text preview: signifies the fall which communicates transformation, green means growth, blue, denotes the heavens, red signifies blood, black signifies dignity and maturity 11. Trophies are globally understood 12. Quotes from karate instructors:. .. 13. "The most important goal of karate is to strengthen people both mentally and physically" 14. Karate is very diverse 15. There are some universals that exist in the practice of sports o One is the sports field o One is a goal 16. An anthological approach takes notice that the similarities in the sports fields …. 17. Increasingly, sports are growing on a more global level 18....
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