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Symbols and language continued Culture: a system of symbols that allows us to represent and communicate our experience (this definition does not address the changing aspects of culture) Sign languages 1. Language communicated by hand movements 2. Most are used by the hearing impaired as their main way to communicate 3. Around the world, some who can hear and speak verbally still choose to use sign language Examples 4. People in South Africa use sign language, as well 5. Urban black youth uses certain gestures to describe children, boyfriend, girlfriend, friendship,
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Unformatted text preview: secret lover, and drunk 6. Silence can be used as a form of sign language, as well. 7. North American society has been described as the "talk society" 8. The body is considered a text that can convey messages, including walking style, posture, hair style, dress 9. Tattoos and piercings are also considered to be an unspoken language 10. Indonesia -4th largest country o They speak nearly 700 different languages o Bahasa gay is apparently a gay language o...
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