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Symbols - Language and communication 1. Conventionality - the association between a meaningful sequence of sounds and what it stands for in human language. 2. Productivity - humans can combine sounds to create an almost infinite number of sentences 3. Displacement - the ability of language to convey information about something not in the immediate environment Terms: 1. Symbol - a symbol is anything we can perceive with our senses that stands for something else. Ex. The American flag stands for America Symbols are physical objects, colors, sounds, movements, or scents which convey information through an arbitrary or culturally assigned meaning. Symbols are images, words, or behaviors that express ideas too complex to be stated directly. Can be understood as a kind of short-hand.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Referent - a referent (or symbol) is whatever that symbol refers to, what it points to, what it indexes. Most often, not just a single thing (although one thing may be fore grounded) but a whole panoply of meanings, associations, and even emotions. 1. Children in all societies learn their respective languages at the same rate and begin learning their languages at the same age. 2. Language is a symbolic system 1. The idea that there are many different layers of meaning; it is up to the anthropologist to find out the meaning behind all these meaning. 2. Ritual character interaction - Tannon focuses on communication through smaller groups (subgroups) 3. She studied the unwritten rules of communication 4....
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