Why do we use research

Why do we use research - Your competitors could have the...

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Why do we use research? Why do we use research? - You have to make sure that your ads are targeted toward the right audiences. Primary vs Secondary research: 1. Secondary research -info that has already been collected for a previous purpose, often (but not always) by a third party 2. Four main areas of secondary research: 3. Client's records/databases a. Ex. Harris Teeter VIC/checkout data 4. Government reports a. Ex. Bureau of Labor Statistics 5. Professional publications a. Pew Research Center 6. Commercial (syndicated) sources a. Yankelovich Secondary research Pros: b. Relatively quick and less expensive Cons: c. Existing research may not answer all your questions May need to own data to gain insight into consumers and their perceptions d. May be outdated e.
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Unformatted text preview: Your competitors could have the same info 7. Primary research a. New info gathered directly from consumers b. Quantitative = how many Objective and generalizable Broad but shallow Surveys Experiments (academic) Content analysis (academic) c. Qualitative = why and how? Subjective Narrow but deep Focus groups Interviews Ethnographic research Diaries Pros of Primary research 8. k Cons 9. EXPENSIVE 10. May have to outsource work, which can be problematic if not delivered on time or to your specifications 11. Much slower since the data have yet to be collected Research realities a. It's expensive b. Typically time consuming c. No one method(quantitative or qualitative) . . ....
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Why do we use research - Your competitors could have the...

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