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CES 3102 Fall 2010 HW 7(2)

CES 3102 Fall 2010 HW 7(2) - Use slope deflection to find...

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CES 3102 HW #7 assigned 11/30/10 due 12/7/10 Find the reactions and shear moment diagrams using the force method with C as the redundant reaction Find the moment and shear at the end of each member. Use slope deflection (where necessary) to solve
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Unformatted text preview: Use slope deflection to find the rotation at A, the vertical deflection at B, and shear / moment diagrams. Support B restricts horizontal motion and rotation. A 3 kN B D 3 m EI is constant 6 m C 4 kN 3 m 3 m...
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