2009_exam2_solutions - G-l-3 Fa at =rYlV+ rn/i =4-[,'T)b'*...

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G-l- 3 Fa a= at = 4 -[,'T)b'* o o (, lFl = y*l 2 5o? yr1 '50 t rn t* fna = Vt= rYlV+ - /i znVi < bv ,V\=>n/s, A! >0'L I lf ,Vi:+nl s,ot>o'L5, lF = I,o U 2, aN , Vi ,ls bb- o,7s F/ :3,S 1ri &f 6 rt\,tu'4 of Jl ^,tlet rh/rd "+ b*lhrbj, lnifrnt N 't r,rtlrrl^t'^ b,^l)tfr /V+=W att', ull-avn MrVt (n,* frr)Vg v1-_ ffi,{, \ tfi,tnr) vft = ( fr,+nr)3h @ o M **t*,r G,v!4lilJun: t-I V% qne&+tn[i+r: h= U=y,(w ). ry ,A L tl', tnrl ht e Q'o1Vftr frt= rYX, V, =Latvnls, h a 0.os n Yn'50 \ Ytlr--0'ottlrMz:-V1 vr =zgonl sr h:0,o1?vrt hl t= o'ot q ilL 21,1 t vt= f fo nls l, -- 0,otirn [t4g'^r^twr cnelrur'f,crn: firVr,f (fr>Vt- Ll\,4rq>lV4 )V+: ItFtU. A E !C^,* ,ailVi ' ln v''- f ,t' ,vl mt+filz E _ ?t t AV= -l3l J aE -+3f o @ o Mt= Yqr : fitt z\, rlr= +\ v,- E nls ,vr: --l ^,t, oE z\ ffit fL. . ,V ,= {tnl5 ,Vr= '1^ls, ,\, fi r= +k1, Snls Vf -3n1, I
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&,to -l L fil1Vty+ frzVr+ = W,Vt f yhrVz Vt+' V>+ - LV,- Yr) o , oL, nh,Vr= o'a 61 ol5 (Ylz: o,l t.-6 ( O.E Vryt 0,1 Vrt 0,9 (0,,orl)+ o0(-''ool) L Vrl '- V 4 =' -' o'ol1- L-.oQdl )) d Vrf o'ooE? wls 0 Mz= I'tkx to Iar\ r_ t,3 f.{ | M a**+* rnxl,ryztian E Iastic ^l,liiro1 : Mr o 0,9+,V, a ,s Vr1 -1' l, t Vr+ (0'5)(o'oll) * 1t' t) (- V,+ V* = - [-(o'o't)* (o'o'7 )] ? V*= O.oot] *ls 0.9 V,f t l,l Ll '-Vo'; O- L (o'otrl-(-o'ool)] VV 2 0,08 nl: o.or'l ) .J &=' & trt**;f & ,^v'W \lenvrpcta!I3
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2009_exam2_solutions - G-l-3 Fa at =rYlV+ rn/i =4-[,'T)b'*...

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