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clicker2_09 - which is 100.0 yards long A 100 m B 109 m C...

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1 Speed measures the distance you travel in a given time. The dimensions of speed are: A. L/T B. L/t C. L/M D. L 2 /T E. L 2 /t Clicker Quiz #1 1.000 m=1.094 yard How long in meters is an American football field,
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Unformatted text preview: which is 100.0 yards long? A. 100 m B. 109 m C. 109.4 m D. 91.408 m E. 91.41 m Clicker Quiz #2 100 yrd X ( ) =91.407678 m 1.000 m 1.094 yrd...
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