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1 Where and when will you get the best gas mileage (highest mpg) with your car (non- hybrid, speed limit 60 mph)? A. Driving around on campus B. Driving inside Gainesville city limits C. On 301 late at night D.On 301 during rush hour In-class Quiz #6-1 A constant force is exerted for a short time interval on a cart that is initially at rest on an air track. This force gives the cart a certain final speed. The same force is exerted for the same length of time on another cart,
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Unformatted text preview: also initially at rest, that has twice the mass of the first one. The final speed of the heavier cart is 1. one-fourth 2. four times 3. half 4. double 5. the same as In-class Quiz #6-2 Krypton is planet with the same radius as earth but 100 times the mass. Superman’s weight on that planet would be: A. 10 times that on earth B. Same as that on earth C. 1000 times that on earth D. 100 times that on earth 2 2 1 g r m m G F = In-class Quiz #6-3...
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