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1 How high will the balls bounce? A. Both BB and SB bounce to the original height B. Both BB and SB bounce to a smaller height C. SB does not bounce and BB bounces to original height D. SB bounces higher than original height and BB slightly less than original height NOT FOR POINTS SB BB With their centers vertically aligned, both balls are released from rest at the same time, to fall through a
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Unformatted text preview: distance of 1.20 m. What are the velocities of the tennis ball and basketball immediately before they strike the floor (up = positive)? A. v T = 4.85 m/s, v B = -4.85 m/s B. v T = -4.85 m/s, v B = -4.85 m/s C. v T = -4.85 m/s, v B = 4.85 m/s D. v T = 4.85 m/s, v B = 4.85 m/s ½ m v 2 = mgh Î v 2 = 2gh independent of m both moving downwards Î negative velocity...
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