review2 - Phy 2053 Announcements 1. More Phy 2053...

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1 Phy 2053 Announcements 1. Exam 2 on Thursday, 8:20 – 10:10 pm ± 20 questions, multiple choice ± There is only one correct answer to the question “In order to receive credit for this problem, you must correctly code (“bubble in”) your UFID and your 5-digit test number…” Æ I have correctly bubbled my UFID number and 5-digit test code. ± Please get there at least 10 minutes early, and preferably 20 minutes ± New protocols - stay in your seat until your exam is collected. Raise your hands; proctors will come to collect it. ± If you want to avoid the long wait at the end, either (a) come early and sit at the front or (b) finish early ± Please circle your answer on the exam More Phy 2053 Announcements ± Room assignments for Exam 2 ± BRY130: A-ELU ± FLG220: EMM-HER ± FLG230: HEW-LAI ± FLG260: LAM-MON ± FLG270: MOO-P ± LIT121: R-SAW ± MAEB211:SCH-T ± MAT18: U-Z ± You be allowed one handwritten formula sheet (both sides), 8 ½” x 11” paper Review – Exam 2 ± Exam 2 will cover from Chapter 5.4 through Chapter 8 ± No testing of material that was not covered in class ± Eg, Kepler’s Laws ± Concepts and material that you have learned from the beginning of
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This note was uploaded on 05/17/2011 for the course PHY 2053 taught by Professor Buchler during the Spring '06 term at University of Florida.

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review2 - Phy 2053 Announcements 1. More Phy 2053...

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