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notes2 - • Major cause of death in navy disease/accidents...

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Blue water strategy – conscious of the navy Peacetime = intimidation 1. British power = firepower ascending a. Crossing their t, shows their stern b. Linear tactics and formation c. Weather gage d. Hull or rigging damage e. Boarding 2. Needs the PFI, permanent fighting instructions British tactical doctrine 3. Problem with communication a. All tactics assumed line astern Formalists love PFI tactics, admirals used for control, captains resented. Some say tactical limitations, British ships were flexible. 1. Admiral Matthews 2. Admiral Rodney = French fleet at west indies a. French grain convoy, French need grain from the 13 colonies i. French revolution ii. Bad harvest iii. Robespierre is worried b. Glorious First of June, 1794 and of PFI i. Sailors become veterans ii. Royal Navy is dangerous Lashings, floggings: discipline Not like in the movies
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Unformatted text preview: • Major cause of death in navy: disease/accidents • Pepys recommend a better diet Grog = wheat beer + rum + sugar Involuntary service = press gangs took civilians w/ exemption letters Wars teach: 1. Utilize sea power 2. Navy or army 3. Colonies, bases, and naval strategy Rise of sea power 1. Geography 2. Economic power 3. Political stability and doctrine Washington has 32,000 men then retreats to Pennsylvania 1. Battlefleets a. Mobile b. Expensive c. Essential to defeat Europeans 2. Commerce raiding a. Useful b. Lucrative c. Cost effective d. Ready made e. Not decisive 3. Coastal fortifications a. Problematic New naval policies 1. Defenseless nation 2. Trade advantages lost Bemis thesis: Europeans distresses are the United State’s opportunities...
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