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4 Apr 2011 HR work

4 Apr 2011 HR work - Apr 4 Chapter 6 P161 even no"Strategic...

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Apr 4; Chapter 6, P161 even no “Strategic Questions” and “To Do” case page 177 Apr 6; Mid Term Exam P161 2. For what jobs would Narrative Appraisals be appropriate or better than GRS? For what jobs would checklists be more appropriate than GRS? Narrative Appraisals be more appropriate for jobs where measurements are not easily quantified. This may be a Wal-Mart greeter or folks in the service industry where the standards of performance are low (do the work or not do the work). Checklists are best for low skilled labor jobs where employment and management decisions are based on basic ability to perform specific tasks. 4. Where should HRM’s effort be focused, on using rating scales that produce more accurate ratings or training raters to be more accurate using the rating scales that are currently being used? I believe the effort should be spent on scales that produce more accurate rating scales with less reliance on the ability of the rater to accomplish the rating. This is in part based on my
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