16 Mar 2011 HR work

16 Mar 2011 HR work - 16 Mar 2011 Strategic Questions"To Do...

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16 Mar 2011 Strategic Questions/”To Do” cases, Chapter 1, odd Strat Qs and “To Do” case p18 P7 1. To attract and retain highly skilled workers, how much above the market average should an organization be willing to pay, and what factors should be considered in making this decision? It would help if the organization could quantify the value provided by highly skilled workers – to enable HRM team members to offer a “complete package” in offering salary, position job title, insurance and possibly even above-average profit sharing that would allow the “overall pay” to not just be salary. Highly skilled workers are motivated by salary, but allow by incentives, position, and security. 3. To select employees from the pool of qualified applicants, what level of reliability and validity should the selection procedure have? At market standards for the position being filled. i.e., the skills of an artist looking for a position in marketing should be compared with the expectation of performance based on the position description, as well as the talent expected from any artist. 5. If a valid selection procedure has adverse impact on one or more minority groups (i.e., producing a less diverse workforce), how should adverse impact be balanced against diversity goals? Yes, with the company having to ensure that any or all concerned parties are aware of the determining standards used to certify the valid selection procedures. 7. To what degree should employees share in the profits for its organization? In proportion to their contribution to profits (value they return to the company for their work). 9. Should an organization provide an Employee Assistance Plan for its employees? Yes 11. Should the organization share data on its pay structure with competitors? No 13. How often should an organization evaluate the performance of employees? Supervisor should monitor performance at all times, but coordinate performance evaluations periodically to support performance-based
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16 Mar 2011 HR work - 16 Mar 2011 Strategic Questions"To Do...

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